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Wholesale Rhode Hay Grass in bulk:

Looking for high quality hay? Buy Rhode Grass for sale at wholesale prices. Our bales are made with fresh green Rhodes grass that has been harvested and compressed for easy storage and transport.

We are proud to be one of the providers and producers of high quality hay to countries such as China, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Lebanon, Qatar, Dubai with other Middle east & Asian zones. We acknowledge the importance of providing the best Rhodes grass for your animals.

what is Rhode grass

Rhodes grass, also known as Chloris gayana, is a warm-season, perennial grass native to Africa. It is a highly productive and versatile forage grass that is grown in many tropical and subtropical regions around the world.

Additionally, Rhode grass is a great forage when mixed with Bermuda Grass, Clover, Orchard Hay, Teff hay, Alfalfa (Lucerne) hay, Timothy Grass, Ryegrass (Meadow Hay) etc.;  for horses, cattle, sheep, goats, and other livestock.

Nutritionally speaking, Rhode grass is high in protein and essential vitamins and minerals. It has a greater nutrient density than regular hay, making it an excellent choice to reduce costs associated with animal feed while maintaining the nutritional value of your animals’ diet. Its longer shelf-life also means you can stock up on it for future use, making sure that your animals are fed without interruption or having to worry about running out of supplies.

LGT Trading is the go-to source for top quality compressed Rhode Grass at wholesale prices with fast and reliable shipping options. The alfalfa hay team recognizes the importance of making sure the well being of animals for any farm or ranch business. They are dedicated to offering high quality feed that promotes health for your livestock throughout the year. Get in touch today to request a quote and discover the savings on orders of compressed rhode grass, from LGT Trading, your trusted supplier, for all your animal feed requirements!

Benefits of compressed Rhode Grass

Rhode Grass offers numerous benefits, making it an ideal feed for animals. Its high nutritional density helps reduce costs associated with animal feed, while its longer shelf life and low dust content make it easier to handle and store.

Furthermore, its smaller size means that it takes up less space than regular hay – a major advantage for farmers who may have limited space available in their barns or warehouses. When purchasing compressed rhode grass, it is important to choose a reliable source such as LGT Trading to make sure you get quality products at wholesale prices with fast shipping options. Ask for a quote today to see how much you can save on your bulk orders!

Where to buy quality Rhode Grass

Regarding buying quality compressed rhode grass, LGT Trading is the go-to source. They offer the highest quality compressed rhode grass at wholesale prices, sourced from the best farms across the EU. Customers can choose from a variety of sizes and grades to match any need, and take advantage of fast, reliable, and free shipping.

LGT Trading also offers special bulk discounts for customers who purchase in larger quantities, helping them save even more money while still receiving top quality product. Plus, ordering online is easy and secure as they use advanced encryption technology to keep customer data safe at all times.

In addition to their comprehensive selection of products and competitive prices, LGT Trading also provides an excellent customer service team that is always available to answer any questions about their products or provide additional information about shipping or payment options. Customers can rest assured knowing that their concerns are being addressed quickly and efficiently by knowledgeable professionals who understand their needs.

Overall, LGT Trading has everything customers need regarding buying quality compressed rhode grass – top notch products at unbeatable prices with friendly customer service support and fast&free shipping!

A reliable supplier of top quality Rhode grass,

LGT Trading is the go-to source for top of the line compressed rhode grass at unbeatable prices. With years in the business, they understand their customers’ needs and make sure that all grass purchased from them meets or surpasses industry standards. Whether you’re looking for a small quantity or large bulk orders, they have something to suit your requirements with a variety of sizes and grades available – plus, even better. They offer discounts on bigger orders.

Buy Rhode gras for sale in bulk at wholesale- wholesale Wholesale Rhode hayA bonus is their fast delivery and secure platform with advanced encryption technology protecting all customer information when ordering online. What’s more, they also provide an excellent customer service team to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your order – giving you peace of mind that it’s being handled with care.

Regarding finding affordable animal feed without compromising on quality, LGT Trading is the ideal choice for businesses looking to reduce costs associated with animal feed while still getting the best product available today. Get started

now by asking for a quote – you won’t be disappointed!


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