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Product Specification

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1121 Basmati Rice Details.

  • 1121 Basmati Rice is one of the most nutrient-dense, mouthwateringly musky long-grained kinds of Indian rice. Brought to you by LGT Trading, sourced directly from the Indo-Gangetic fertile plains of India.
  • Additionally, 1121 has inherited the delectable fineness and alluring perfume of the Basmati rice family from India. We provide 1121 varieties of Basmati rice in the following varieties: Creamy Sella, Golden Sella, Steam, and Parboiled rice.
  • Are you interested in purchasing 1121 Basmati Rice from reputable vendors in bulk at the best price? Simply the “Request For Quotation” button on the screen and we will get back to you. Here at LGT Trading, we assure you dependability, convenience, and quality.

1121 Basmati Rice by LGT Trading

1121 Basmati Rice is the only variety of premium fragrant rice that can be grown in India’s, Pakistan’s, Nepal’s, and Thailand’s most fertile areas. According to statistics, India supplies a huge majority of the world’s demand for basmati rice, with Pakistan, Nepal and Thailand providing the remaining share of demand. As a result, India is unquestionably the world’s top supplier of the rarest variety of nutritionally superior, aromatic extra-long grain rice. At LGT Trading, we source from India’s top growers of 1121 Basmati Rice.

LGT Trading brings you the most convenient route to bulk procurement of the great 1121 Basmati Rice, directly from the consecrated fields of India and Pakistan. With just one click, LGT Trading grants you access to well trusted traders from whom you can get bulk quantities of premium quality 1121 Basmati Rice while simultaneously, through our latest technological breakthrough in e-commerce and bulk market, saves you a ton of expenses and time from the outdated procurement practices. Therefore, what you get is an unsurpassable quality in every grain of 1121 Basmati Rice, at incredible prices.

The top business strategies and industry trends used by LGT Trading are always changing. Through our upcoming Web application for procurement, which will give importers and traders the utmost satisfaction in terms of best price, easier, and quicker hassle-free procurement of bulk basmati rice and other products, we seek to mainstream LGT Trading’s revolutionary procurement practices. All of the known drawbacks of conventional import/export procedures, such as middlemen, delayed services, inadequate quality inspection and transportation, lack of cutting-edge technology, etc., have been eliminated.

Why Should You Buy 1121 Basmati Rice Through LGT Trading?

  • We work with more than 250 millers who are directly enrolled with us as well as well-known and prominent providers of high-quality 1121 Basmati rice. We have the ability to manage your large orders for Basmati Rice in a dependable and extremely practical way.
  • Over the years, LGT Trading has been successful in growing and establishing connections with reliable 1121 Basmati Rice traders and suppliers not only in South Africa but also in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas.
  • We have achieved this level of prominence in the global market by working nonstop to offer our customers the best rates that will close deals, unmatched quality, and a safe platform that is only focused on their needs.
  • Customers say that LGT Trading’s clear, yet incredibly secure trade process is simply the cherry on top.

Packaging Options

We offer our Bulk 1121 Basmati rice in a range of package sizes to meet your specific needs:

– 25 kg-bags

– 50 kilogram bags

– We also package based on your choice of packaging

– Available Packaging Bag Types : PP, Plastic, Jute, Non-Woven

Deliveries and Shipping

Your Bulk 1121 Basmati Rice will be delivered promptly and securely and will be received in top condition. With options for both domestic and international shipping, our dependable shipping partners offer a flawless delivery experience.


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