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Looking to purchase bulk broad beans for your business? LGT Trading is the wholesale broad beans supplier for you! With a variety of bean types, quality assurance measures, worldwide shipping and delivery options, customer support, and guarantees. Buy in bulk and save with LGT Trading’s wholesale broad beans suppliers. You can request a quotation now and start saving on your next order!

Benefits of buying bulk broad beans

For businesses looking to purchase bulk broad beans, LGT Trading is the wholesale supplier for you. Bulk purchasing provides a great way to save money while also gaining access to a wider variety of premium-quality beans. By taking advantage of LGT Trading’s wholesale prices and discounts, customers can purchase larger quantities of broad beans at lower prices than if they were to buy from regular stores.

LGT Trading offers more than just cost-effective options; their suppliers provide access to the highest quality broad beans, making sure customers get the best value for their money. With LGT Trading’s wide range of bean types and quality assurance measures, you can be sure that whatever type or variety of bean you need, it will meet your high standards.

Types of broad beans available from LGT Trading

At LGT Trading, customers have access to a wide range of premium-quality broad beans. From the small Fagioli Cannellini varieties to the larger Gigante specimens, there is something for everyone. For those looking for a unique flavor, there are specialty options such as Chinese Broad Beans or Indian Black Eyed Peas. All of the beans are grown with care and harvested at their peak ripeness before being handpicked and inspected by experienced staff members before packing and shipping.

For those looking for wholesale suppliers of broad beans with unbeatable prices and discounts on volume purchases, LGT Trading has it all! With an extensive selection sourced from local farms around the world, why not take advantage of what this trusted company has to offer today?

Quality assurance – broad beans from LGT Trading

When it comes to providing premium broad beans, LGT Trading has a commitment to quality assurance that is second to none. Their supply chain is fully traceable so customers can be sure of the origin, and they use specialized third-party laboratories for comprehensive testing on nutritional content, pesticide residue, heavy metals, food additives, and microbial contaminants.  Furthermore, LGT Trading also has a strict Quality Management System (QMS) in place that covers every step of their operations from raw materials to finished products. This provides regular inspections for defects and batch testing for any potential contamination issues before delivery.

Worldwide shipping and delivery options

Worldwide shipping and delivery options are an important consideration when buying in bulk from a wholesale supplier. LGT Trading understands this, which is why they offer customers a variety of flexible shipping options to suit their needs. Customers can choose between air, sea, and ground transport for their order, with delivery times varying based on the size of the shipment and its destination.

At LGT Trading, customers can rest assured that their orders will be delivered on time and securely. The company has partnered with reliable carriers around the world to provide prompt and secure delivery of your bulk order no matter where you are located. To make tracking even easier, customers can track their shipments at any time during transport to check their order’s progress.

When it comes to payment methods, LGT Trading offers a wide range of options for customers to choose from. Credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers – they have it all! Buy in bulk and save with LGT Trading’s wholesale broad bean suppliers today!

Customer support and guarantees

At LGT Trading, customer satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why we offer 24/7 customer support via phone and email. Our team of experienced professionals are on hand to answer any questions or provide assistance when needed.

We also believe in providing our customers with the peace of mind they need when purchasing in bulk from LGT Trading. That’s why all orders come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so customers can return their purchase if they are not completely satisfied. We also offer a warranty on all products, so customers can rest assured that their purchase is protected from any manufacturer defects or malfunctions.Wholesale Broad Beans Suppliers

We also offer the following beans in bulk order;

At LGT Trading, we understand that price is important for many businesses who buy in bulk. That’s why we strive to provide competitive prices and discounts on our wholesale broad beans suppliers so our customers can still save while getting access to the highest quality beans available. With LGT Trading, you get both quality and savings when buying in bulk!

Whether you need help placing an order, have questions about your shipment, or want to know more about our guarantees and warranties, the customer support team at LGT Trading is here for you! So buy in bulk and save with confidence today with LGT Trading’s wholesale broad beans suppliers!


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