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LGT Trading is a leading procurement platform for suppliers and traders/buyers. We help facilitate the procurement process between our well trusted suppliers and clients who are looking to buy large quantities of Vietnamese Rice.


Our very well trusted suppliers have large stocks of Premium Quality Vietnamese Rice sourced directly from growers and millers of Vietnamese Rice grown in the most fertile parts of Vietnam.


Characteristics of Vietnamese Rice

Vietnamese Rice is well renowned for its tall, slender grains and delicate aroma. This healthy rice variety is widely farmed in the Mekong River Delta (the “Rice Bowl”) in southern Vietnam. Additionally grown in the northeastern region of the nation, in the Red River Delta, and on the northern shore.

The majority of rice produced in Vietnam is wet rice, which is farmed in flooded areas as opposed to on dry land.

Numerous aromatic rice varieties are grown in Vietnam, despite the country’s preference for white rice.

The most typical traits of Vietnamese Rice include the following:

Long, thin grains: Compared to other varieties of rice, including basmati or jasmine, Vietnamese Rice grains are often longer and thinner. When cooked, the rice in Vietnam has a texture that is light and fluffy.

Delicate scent: The delicate aroma of Vietnamese Rice is frequently characterized as floral or jasmine-like. Rice has a strong scent because of a type of starch called amylose, which is present in high concentrations in the grain.

Soft and moist: Vietnamese Rice has a soft, moist, and somewhat chewy texture when cooked. Unlike some other varieties of rice, such glutinous rice, it is not as sticky.


Good flavor: Vietnamese Rice has a flavor that is neither overpowering nor underwhelming. This adaptable rice can be used in a wide range of savory and sweet dishes.


Vietnamese Rice is a delicious and adaptable grain that is loved by people everywhere. It is a common ingredient in many meals and is a staple food in Vietnam. Vietnamese Rice is a fantastic choice if you’re seeking to try a new kind of rice.


Why You Should Buy Wholesale Price Vietnamese Rice from LGT Trading

There are numerous benefits to purchasing Vietnamese Rice from us. Some of the most significant ones are listed below:

We offer a large selection of Vietnamese Rice: Among the various varieties of rice we offer are Jasmine Vietnamese Rice, ST25 rice, OM 5451 rice, and many more. In order to help you select the ideal rice for your needs, we also provide a wide range of different rice grades.

Our rice is of a high caliber since we only get it from the best Vietnamese farmers. Our rice is farmed using conventional techniques, and it is taken out at its ripest. This guarantees the highest possible level of quality and flavor in our rice.

All of our Vietnamese Rice is available at affordable prices from us. No matter what their financial situation, we think everyone should be able to enjoy the mouthwatering flavor of Vietnamese rice.

We provide prompt delivery and export our rice to all continents. To ensure that you have your rice as soon as possible, we provide quick shipping. We have a suitable mechanism in place to guarantee prompt and effective delivery.

Our Team: We have a fantastic customer care team on hand to address your inquiries and assist you with your order. We are dedicated to giving you the greatest customer service experience imaginable.

We believe that these reasons make us the best place to buy Vietnamese Rice. If you are looking for high-quality, delicious, and affordable Vietnamese rice, we encourage you to buy from us. We are confident that you will be happy with your purchase.

Packaging Options

We offer our Wholesale Vietnamese Rice in a range of package sizes to meet your specific needs:

– 25 kg-bags

– 50 kilogram bags

We also package based on your choice of packaging

Available Package Types : PP, Plastic, Jute, Non-Woven



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