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Where to Buy Whole Wheat Grain Online


The complete wheat kernel, including the bran, germ, and endosperm, is referred to as whole wheat grain. Fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals are all present in good amounts. You can consume whole wheat grains raw, grind them into flour, or use them to produce other foods like pasta, bread, and cereal. If you are looking for Where to Buy Whole Wheat Grain Online, we are your one stop solution.


Most often, Whole Wheat Grain could be found online only on platforms like; Amazon, Bob’s Red Mill, Thrive Market, Whole Foods Markets, Etsy, and other renowned platforms but we are here to offer you the great advantage of Buying Whole Wheat Grain Online in Bulk and at Wholesale prices.


We have an extensive network of suppliers and producers of High Quality Whole Wheat Grain and they have available supplies all year round to meet your needs.


How to Buy Bulk Whole Wheat Grain at Wholesale Prices


LGT Trading has been able to create a step by step smart and advance solution that will make the job straight forward and easy for those who have been wondering How to Buy Bulk Whole Wheat Grains at Wholesale Prices.


We also have a qualified team in place to ensure that customers can get on site support at any point where they need help with their purchase journey.


Our team members have expertise in the fields of sales, customer care, logistics, Marketing, Accounting and Technology which places them at top level in handling their tasks in ensuring a safe and easy user experience for customers who buy wheat grain on our platform.


We are a facilitation platform and we work only with producers and suppliers who put in a lot of time and effort in their processes to ensure that only premium quality whole wheat grain is delivered to their customers from all over the world.


5 Simple Steps to Purchase Whole Wheat Grain in Bulk Online


Below, we will be outlining 5 easy straight forward steps through which you can Purchase Whole Wheat Grain in Bulk Online on LGT Trading platform;


       Step 1: Fill in the quotation form on our website stating the quantity of Whole Wheat Grain you want to buy and your port of delivery. Once submitted, you should give us at least 2 hours for a member of our sales team to respond with you.

       Step 2: Our sales representative will provide you with details on the price per ton for whole wheat grain and also inform you on the characteristics of our available bulk whole wheat grain. You will also be informed of our terms of payment and more on how we package and ship.

       Step 3: Once the above mentioned has been sent to you, you are expected to read through completely and then confirm with us if our price and terms are okay for you and if you are ready to proceed or if you might want to negotiate the terms, we do give room for that as well.

       Step 4: Once all negotiations have been agreed upon and client is ready to proceed, our sales representative will then prepare a contract which must be signed by our company and our client which states clearly all terms of the contract and how the procedure will be carried out.

       Step 5: After both parties have signed the contract, our sales representative will then prepare a commercial invoice and sent to the client who will be expected to meet all requirements from their side as explained in the contract. Once obligations have been met on the client’s side, it will then be our responsibility to prepare your order and ship out to port of destination.


Do not hesitate to contact if us immediately if you want to Purchase Whole Wheat Grain in Bulk Online and we will be more than ready to provide you all the professional assistance you need.


6 Reasons You Should Procure Wholesale Price Premium Quality Whole Wheat Grain on LGT Trading


In order to make it easy for large scale buyers of Whole Wheat Grain to Procure Wholesale Price Premium Quality Whole Wheat Grain, we at LGT Trading have made sure to take particular note of certain quality of services that will guarantee a safe and convenient space for our well respected customers to gain access to our world class high quality whole wheat grain.


Below, we will be outlining the key differences that we offer which our current customers consider as world class service provision;


1.     Supply Ability: Over the years, LGT Trading has been able to build up a large resource base of producers and large scale suppliers of Whole Wheat Grain and we can guarantee supplies of up to 50,000MT per month of Premium Quality Whole Wheat Grain at wholesale prices all year round.

2.     Quality of our Whole Wheat Grain: The Whole Wheat Grain that we offer on LGT Trading platform is sourced from experienced large scale producers who put in a lot of time, work and efforts to make sure that all year round, you can get the best grade whole wheat grain that will be delivered to you in excellent conditions and we also work with well established renowned shipping agencies who employ a lot of care in the handling of bulk whole wheat grain to make sure that goods are delivered in excellent conditions.

3.     Reliability: You can always rely on us to provide you access to premium grade whole wheat grain that is available all year round and at most competitive prices. You can always rely on us to supply all your bulk whole wheat grain at wholesale prices in a timely manner as we have put in place tools and practices to guarantee efficiency in our work.

4.     Timing: When it comes to timing between transactions and delivery of goods between us and our clients, you can count on us to deliver exceptional products and services in a time efficient manner. We do understand that business has changed over the years and timing has become a very important factor especially in manufacture and large scale supplies. The world is in an ever growing demand for bulk whole wheat grain and it is important to always ensure that wheat grain reaches customers in time always in order for them to be able to meet the demands of their ever growing client base.

5.     Expertise: Our staff is made up of highly trained, trust worthy and hardworking professionals who have mastered their work over the past years by testing and dealing with all kinds of issues and delays in offering the best services to our clients. Their work has been impeccable over the years and they have been able to take all the challenges and mistakes previously made and turn them into strengths and also developed new techniques and methodologies to employ their work and be able to provide exceptional services geared towards providing complete satisfaction to all our clients.

6.     Dedication to Service: For all large scale buyers who Procure Wholesale Price Premium Quality Whole Wheat Grain online, we can guarantee you that we are the best trading platform for bulk whole wheat grain online and we are the best because we have a team that is most dedicated to serving our customers with the best of services through granting them access to Top Grade Whole Wheat Grain which they can buy in bulk hassle free and in a timely manner.


To conclude, LGT Trading is the best trading platform online where you can Procure Wholesale Price Premium Quality Whole Wheat Grain without any complications and delays.


Health Benefits and Uses of Whole Wheat Grain


The following are a few advantages of whole wheat grain for health:


       Heart Disease: Whole wheat grain is a good source of fiber, which can help lower cholesterol levels and hence help reduce risk of heart disease.

       Lowers risk of Diabetes: Whole wheat grains can aid in blood sugar regulation which helps fights 2 types of diabetes.

       Helps in Weight loss: Weight loss is encouraged by whole wheat grain’s high fiber content, which might make you feel satiated and full.

       Enhances gut health: Whole wheat grain’s fiber content can support gut health.


Below is a list of uses and applications of Whole Wheat Grain


       Baking: A common ingredient in bread, muffins, pancakes, waffles, and other baked foods is whole wheat flour. It gives baked items a chewy texture and nutty flavor.

       Pasta: Pasta made from whole wheat is a wonderful source of protein and fiber. It is a nutritious substitute for white pasta.

       Cereal: A quick and simple way to start the day is with a bowl of whole wheat cereal. It is a good source of minerals and fiber.

       Soups and stews: In order to give texture and nutrients, whole wheat grain can be added to soups and stews.

       Salads: To provide texture and nutrients, whole wheat grain can be added to salads. You can use it to get your recommended daily intake of whole grains.

       Rolls: White dinner rolls can be replaced with whole wheat dinner rolls to make a healthier choice. They are an excellent source of nutrients and fiber.


Additionally, granola, crackers, bread crumbs, and other snacks can be made from whole wheat grain. It is a multipurpose element that works well in many different meals.


Storage and Shelf life of Organic Whole Wheat Grain


·      Whole wheat grain should be kept dry and cool for storage. Whole wheat grain should be kept between 40 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit in order to be properly stored. Additionally, whole wheat grain can be kept for up to a year in the freezer.

·      Whole wheat grain has a variable shelf life depending on how it is stored. Whole wheat grain can survive up to six months if kept in a cold, dry environment. Whole wheat grain can be kept for up to a year in the freezer.


How is Bulk Wholesale Price Whole Wheat Grain Packaged


To ensure that our Bulk Wholesale Price Whole Wheat Grain reaches our valued customers in the best optimum conditions, we package the whole wheat grain in PP bags and PP woven bags of 50Kg.


However, we do prefer in most cases to do packaging according to the customer’s preferences because we understand that different customers have different preferences so kindly inform us how you prefer your packaging to be done.






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