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PR-106 Non Basmati Rice Details.

The Indian rice family’s PR-106 Non Basmati Rice variety introduces the ultimate rice, known as PR-106 Rice. Long grain rice, or PR-106, is a non-sticky alternative of rice that is used in many south Asian cuisines, including Vietnamese, Thai, and others.

PR-106 Long Grain Rice, which has a refined flavor and is nutrient-rich, is an excellent choice when cost-savings are important as well as your health objectives.

According to statistical studies and on-the-ground rice sellers, PR-106 Long Grain Rice is one of the non-basmati rice categories that makes up the majority of the world’s export of rice, including to Arab and European nations.

PR-106 Non Basmati Long Grain Rice meets all the criteria of popular cuisines and is available in all varieties, including white rice, steam rice, and parboiled rice.

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PR-106 Non Basmati Long Grain Rice on LGT Trading

PR-106 Long Grain Rice, the most expensive form of fragrant non-basmati rice is non-basmati Long Grain rice, which is mostly grown in the most fertile areas of India, Pakistan, Nepal and Thailand.

According to statistics, India supplies a significant portion of the world’s demand for basmati and non-basmati rice, with Pakistan, Nepal, Thailand, and other countries providing the remainder. As a result, India is unquestionably the world’s leader in producing the rarest range of nutritiously superior, aromatic, and different slender grains.

Following the introduction of the Green Revolution, non-Basmati rice is now being grown throughout the Indian subcontinent. Due to its illustrious reign, PR-106 Non Basmati Long Grain Rice has been providing international cuisines, whether they be traditional, modern, or contemporary, with their expressive texture, lovely flavor, and enticing scent.

We offer you the quickest way to get quality PR-106 Non Basmati Long Grain Rice in large quantities, straight from the sacred fields of Pakistan and India. In order to purchase premium quality Non Basmati Long Grain Rice, LGT Trading gives you and hundreds of other rice traders access to an exhaustive list of reputable Non Basmati Long Grain Rice suppliers with just one click. At the same time, thanks to our most recent technological advancement in e-commerce and bulk market, we save a significant amount of money and time compared to the traditional procurement methods. As a result, you receive unmatched quality in every grain of non basmati Long Grain Rice at exceptionally low costs.

Why Should You Buy 1121 Basmati Rice Through LGT Trading?

  • We work with more than 300 millers who are directly enrolled with us as well as well-known and prominent providers of high-quality PR-106 Long Grain Rice. We have the ability to manage your large orders for non basmati long grain rice in a dependable and extremely practical way.
  • Over the years, LGT Trading has been successful in growing and establishing connections with reliable PR-106 non basmati Long Grain Rice traders and suppliers not only in South Africa but also in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas.
  • We have achieved this level of prominence in the global market by working nonstop to offer our customers the best rates that will close deals, unmatched quality, and a safe platform that is only focused on their needs.
  • Customers say that LGT Trading’s clear, yet incredibly secure trade process is simply the cherry on top.

Packaging Options

We offer our Bulk PR-106 Non Basmati Long Grain Rice in a range of package sizes to meet your specific needs:

– 25 kg-bags

– 50 kilogram bags

We also package based on your choice of packaging

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Your Bulk PR-106 Non Basmati Long Grain Rice will be delivered promptly and securely and will be received in top condition. With options for both domestic and international shipping, our dependable shipping partners offer a flawless delivery experience.

Available Package Types : PP, Plastic, Jute, Non-Woven


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