Premium Grade Organic Sorghum for Sale in Bulk

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Delivery Time: 8-14 Working Days
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Packaging: As buyer demands
Supplying Ability: 10000 MT per Month

Is is Possible To Purchase Bulk Sorghum Online?


Over the years, buyers of 100% Organic Sorghum have often faced the difficulties and fears when it come to Purchase Bulk Sorghum Online because there have been lots of fraudsters who pretend to be legit sellers and when they get paid to deliver, they disappear and this has often caused great losses to buyers of Bulk White Sorghum Online.


In order to help facilitate and create a very safe environment to Purchase Bulk Sorghum Online, LGT Trading has been able to create a safe, secure and transparent platform where buyers can access Premium Quality White Sorghum Online at discounted prices, in bulk and from the most trusted and well represented producers and large scale suppliers of Sorghum.


Can I Buy Premium Quality Sorghum at Wholesale Prices?


You definitely can Buy Premium Quality Sorghum at Wholesale Prices directly from trusted and well renowned large scale suppliers and producers of White and Yellow Sorghum. Our platform outsources from the best producers of Sorghum worldwide and here, we grant you access to Sorghum all year round in any quantity you are looking to buy.


Where Can I Buy Sorghum Online?


You can definitely Buy Sorghum Online on LGT Trading platform which provides direct access to the best quality organic sorghum you can find around the world. We have taken out time to source and connect with premium producers and suppliers of both White and Yellow Sorghum which is constantly available to meet the demands of the market.


Why You Should Buy Premium Quality Sorghum on LGT Trading


LGT Trading provides a step by step straightforward and easy to access process through which our trusted customers will be able to Buy Premium Quality Sorghum safely without any hassle and we guarantee on time delivery for all purchases.


LGT Trading is the first B2B trading platform in Africa that has been able to build a solid network of large scale producers and suppliers of Premium Quality Sorghum and so we can guarantee you available stock of Sorghum all year round at the best possible prices. Buying from us is the best possible decision you will make when it comes to buying good quality Sorghum online.


We have a qualified team of sales representatives who will make sure to facilitate/handle the purchase procedure for our customers to ensure that our customers get the best of not only the product they are purchasing, but also the best of services when it comes to purchasing high quality Sorghum online.  


We are amongst Africa’s leading trading platforms where large scale buyers and traders of High Quality Sorghum can outsource bulk supplies of White Sorghum and many other agri products including Maize, Beans, Cooking Oils, Vegetables, Rice and many other agro commodities and also chemicals used mostly in manufacture and other industrial and farming purposes like Urea, Ammonia, Sulphite Granules and other organic and non organic chemicals.


We work with very reliable shipping companies who ensure that your products are delivered in the specified time and they also make sure to handle all deliveries very carefully to ensure that you get your products delivered in the same exact state it was shipped out.


On LGT Trading platform, you don’t have any worries about losing your money to suppliers or producers because we handle the whole trading process by ourselves using advanced systems and industry’s best practices to ensure that every customer gets the satisfaction they deserve.


Ordering Premium Quality Sorghum on LGT Trading platform is like drinking coffee in the morning and scrolling through social media, just clicking buttons and getting top notch world class assistance from our qualified staff who are always there and ready to provide you with assistance on all orders.


We have been in the industry for over 25 years already and our work speaks for itself. Through out these years, we have faced all possible challenges when it comes to the B2B world and also procurement of High Quality Sorghum and other agro commodities. These challenges have enabled us to create a robust and very secure system with best practices to ensure that we provide the best services. Our team is here to support you all the way and they are very well experienced in this field and are always very much ready to provide any assistance whenever needed, be it within or outside of our responsibilities to our clients.


What You Should Know About Sorghum


Around the world, sorghum, a cereal grain, is produced in warm areas. It is a flexible crop that can be utilized to make industrial, food, and fuel goods. Sorghum is gluten-free and a good source of vitamins, fiber, and protein.


Below are some very important uses of Sorghum:


Food: Sorghum can be baked or milled into flour to make bread, pasta, and other baked foods. It can also be cooked like rice or quinoa. In addition, sorghum can be used to manufacture beer, sorghum syrup, and other alcoholic beverages. It can also be popped like popcorn.


Animal Feed: Sorghum is a common feed grain for cattle, pigs, and poultry because it is a strong source of nutrients for animals.


Fuel: Ethanol, a biofuel that may be used to power cars and other vehicles, can be made from sorghum.


Industrial Uses: A wide range of industrial goods, including as plastics, adhesives, and paper, can be produced using sorghum.


Below are most common health benefits of Sorghum


High in fiber: Sorghum is an excellent source of fiber, which can support heart health and regulate digestion.


Gluten Free: Sorghum is a suitable option for those who have celiac disease or a gluten allergy because it is gluten-free.


Source of Vitamins and Minerals: Sorghum is a food that is abundant in vitamins and minerals, including magnesium and vitamins B1 and B6. Additionally, it is a good supplier of zinc, phosphorus, and iron.


Antioxidants: Sorghum is rich in antioxidants that can help shield the body from the harm that free radicals can do.


Varieties of Sorghum Available on LGT Trading


There are different types of Sorghum all available on our platform and below is a list of the most common ones that are often in stock all year round from our producers and suppliers of large scale Sorghum;


Grain Sorghum: The most popular variety of sorghum is called grain sorghum, and it is used as food, feed, and fuel. The hues of grain sorghum include red, orange, golden, tan, white, and black.


Sweet Sorghum: Sorghum that is produced for its sweet stalks, which are used to manufacture syrup, juice, and alcohol, is known as sweet sorghum. Despite being less prevalent than grain sorghum, sweet sorghum is gaining popularity because of its high sugar content.


Broomcorn Sorghum: The stiff stalks of the sorghum known as “broomcorn” are used to produce brooms and other household products. Although it is less prevalent than grain or sweet sorghum, broomcorn sorghum is nevertheless a significant crop in several regions of the world.


Dura Sorghum: For its hard, flinty kernels, which are used to manufacture flour and grits, dura sorghum is farmed. Although less frequent than grain sorghum, dura sorghum provides a significant source of fiber and protein.


Packaging of Bulk Sorghum


The majority of the time, we package our premium bulk sorghum in accordance with the demands of the customer, but we also offer our own standard packaging choices.


The most common packaging for sorghum is PP bags and PP Woven bags. Compared to plastic bags, paper bags are more permeable, which may aid in preventing the growth of mold. Paper bags might not be the ideal choice for long-distance shipment, though, as they are also more prone to breaking. Although more enduring than paper bags, plastic bags can trap moisture, which can cause food to rot.


The quantity of sorghum being sent will determine the size of the bags. Usually, 50Kg bags are used for little quantities. Bags weighing 100 kg or 200 kg can be utilized for bigger volumes.



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