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Wholesale N46 Urea Fertilizer Agricultural Grade 46% Urea Super Granule

Product Specification

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Factory Wholesale N46 urea fertilizer agricultural grade 46% Urea Super Granule

Urea fertilizer is a nitrogen-rich fertilizer that’s used to promote plant growth. It’s often used in combination with other fertilizers and soil amendments, such as manure or compost.

Urea can be produced from carbon dioxide and ammonia, which is made from coal, natural gas, or oil. The problem is that there’s a surplus of carbon dioxide being produced during the process of making ammonia from those materials. This causes direct urea production to be profitable for manufacturers who have access to large amounts of carbon dioxide. This is why it’s so important to find a reliable supplier when you’re looking for bulk urea fertilizer for sale.

LGT B2B is a certified and authorized seller that supplies Oil and Gas products to buyers around the world. We deal in aviation kerosene, jet fuel (JP 54-A1, 5), diesel fuel, fuel oil mazut (M100), Regco, liquefied natural gas/liquefied petroleum gas, urea 46 46%, D6 virgin oil and D2 gasoil diesel fuel among others.

Nitrogen fertilizer granular urea 46 % Urea Specification Urea Items Standard Standard Appearance White Granular White Prilled N 46%min Biuret 1.0%max Moisture 0.5%max Size 2.0-4.75mm,90%min 0.8-2.8mm,90%min

Product Description

1.urea 46% prilled and Granular

size :prilled (0.85–2.80mm,90%Min )and granular (2.00-4.75mm,90%Min)

each packaed in 9.5kg/50kg/1mt bag or according to clients’ requirements.

high quality and competive price


1)Prilled Urea

Nitrogen :46%min

Moisture :0.5%max

Biuret :1.0%max

Size :0.85–2.80mm,90%Min

2)Granular Urea

Nitrogen :46%min

Moisture :0.5%max

Biuret :1.0%max

Size :2.00—4.75mm,90%Min

3.Introducing of urea

chemical name of the urea calls two amine of carbon acyl. Molecular formula: CO (NH2 ) 2, the molecular weight is 60.06, nitrogen content is 46.65%, it is the highest solid nitrogen of nitrogen content. It is usually white and granular; It is difficult to lump, mobility is good, easy to use.

4.Our advantages:

1)we can provide 5000MT Urea per month at most More than 10 years export experience.

2)The Urea has been sold to  Bangledash,Taiwan region,Korea,Tanzania,Madagascar,Angola,Congo and many other countries with high quality and competitive price.


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