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Jasmine Rice (Hom Mali) Details.

Almost solely produced in Thailand and a few other island nations in south-east Asia, jasmine long grain rice is well-known throughout the developed world for its entrancing perfume.

It’s no surprise that Jasmine Rice was given its name after a flower because it has a heavenly perfume of Pandan leaves that is very calming to the senses. Not to be overlooked, jasmine rice has a flavor that is so rich and delicious that it may make anyone lose their loyalty to any other type of rice.

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Jasmine Rice (Hom Mali) on LGT Trading

The most expensive variety of aromatic rice, known as Jasmine Rice, is only grown in Thailand’s most fertile areas. Thailand is one of the biggest exporters of rice in the world, despite being a small island nation, according to statistics, consistently leading the list with its superior quality and great flavor.

Since ancient times, Hom Mali Rice has been grown in the Thai subcontinent. Due to its lengthy dominance, only jasmine rice has provided the world’s cuisines—ancient, modern, and contemporary—with the expressive texture, noble flavor, and beautiful perfume.

LGT Trading has created a hassle-free to use procurement system in which we are able to facilitate the trading process between the suppliers of Jasmine Rice and the buyers such that the process can be smooth, robust and very secure at the same time.

We remain at the disposal of our clients and other users of our website to ensure that you get the best experience in purchasing Jasmine Rice and other commodities from our web of trusted suppliers who span from Africa to Asia, Europe, Australia, the Americas and more.

We guarantee honestly, reliability, integrity and total satisfaction when trading on our platform.

Our business practices are top notch and they provide complete assurances and convenience for people trading on our platform. We are able to do so by always staying up to date with new trends in the industry and practically by ameliorating older systems of function and adopting approach based modern systems.

Why Should You Buy Jasmine Rice (Hom Mali) Through LGT Trading?

  • We work with more than 300 millers who are directly enrolled with us as well as well-known and prominent providers of high-quality Jasmine Rice (Hom Mali). We have the ability to manage your large orders for Jasmine Rice in a dependable and extremely practical way.
  • Over the years, LGT Trading has been successful in growing and establishing connections with reliable Jasmine Rice traders and suppliers not only in South Africa but also in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas.
  • We have achieved this level of prominence in the global market by working nonstop to offer our customers the best rates that will close deals, unmatched quality, and a safe platform that is only focused on their needs.
  • Customers say that LGT Trading’s clear, yet incredibly secure trade process is simply the cherry on top.

Packaging Options

We offer our Bulk Jasmine Rice in a range of package sizes to meet your specific needs:

– 25 kg-bags

– 50 kilogram bags

We also package based on your choice of packaging

Deliveries and Shipping

Your Bulk Jasmine Rice will be delivered promptly and securely and will be received in top condition. With options for both domestic and international shipping, our dependable shipping partners offer a flawless delivery experience.

Available Package Types : PP, Plastic, Jute, Non-Woven


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