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Flour Corn Details

LGT Trading is a premium top trading platform for the best quality Bulk Flour Corn in the global market. We are a facilitator platform that links suppliers and buyers of high quality Flour Corn and we have networks all over the world spanning from South Africa and Africa as a whole to Europe, America and Asia.

We have 18 years of experience with the best growers, millers and manufacturers of Flour Corn and we guarantee only the best quality at the most competitive prices you will find anywhere else.

About Flour Corn

Native to Mexico and Central America, Flour Corn has been grown there for many years. It is a crop that may be produced in a variety of climates and is drought-tolerant.

Although it can also be blue or red, flour corn is commonly yellow or white. The endosperm, which is normally soft, is protected by a hard outer layer that is present in small, rounded kernels.

Flour Corn is a good source of protein, fiber, and carbs. As a good source of vitamins B1, B2, and B3, it is also.

Some Characteristics of Flour Corn Are:

  • Kernels: The Flour Corn kernels are normally small and round, and they have a tough exterior that shields the delicate endosperm within. The kernels can be any color, however they are usually yellow or white.
  • Endosperm: The soft, starchy endosperm of Flour Corn is. It is the area of the kernel from which maize flour is made.
  • Protein content: The average protein level of corn used to make flour is just 7-8%. In contrast, dent corn has a higher protein level than other varieties of corn.
  • Flavor: The flavor of Flour Corn is mild and somewhat sweet. Even though it doesn’t have the same flavor as some other varieties of corn, such sweet corn, it is still a useful ingredient that can be included into a variety of cuisines.
  • Texture: The texture of Flour Corn is fine and silky. Compared to some other varieties of cornmeal, including that made from dent corn, it is less coarse.

Health Benefits of Flour Corn

       Can serve as antioxidant

       It can help protect the heart from heart diseases

       Helps reduce blood pressure

       Helps to manage weight

       Can be used in lowering bad cholesterol levels

       Contains anti-diabetic properties

       Helps relieves diarrhoea

How To Store Flour Corn

  • Keep Flour Corn in an airtight container to help stop it from absorbing moisture and turning rancid.
  • Keep in a cool, dry location: Store Flour Corn in a cool, dry location, like a pantry or closet.
  • Keep in a dark location: Since light can make Flour Corn lose its flavor, it should be kept in a dark location.
  • Verify the date of expiration: Although Flour Corn has a 12-month shelf life, it is better to utilize it before that time.

Packaging and Shipping

We have a qualified team of workers who handle the procurement process between the seller and the buyer and who also work with clients all the way to ensure that information is communicated throughout the process until delivery of goods to the client.

We work with reputable shipping agencies who handle your Bulk Flour Corn with utmost care and ensure on time and safe secured delivery. Deliveries usually take between 8 and 14 business days.

We package in 10Kg bags, 25Kg bags and 50Kg bags, and we also offer other packaging options depending on the needs of the customer.


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