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Are you searching for a top-quality breed of cattle? Look no further than Hereford cattle! With their remarkable characteristics and benefits for farmers, Hereford cattle have become the go-to choice for livestock enthusiasts worldwide. And at LGT trade, we offer a premium selection of Hereford cattle that will elevate your farming operations to new heights.

Hereford Cattle: The Trusted Breed for Modern Farmers

Hereford cattle have long been recognized as one of the premier beef cattle breeds, sought after by farmers worldwide for their exceptional characteristics and numerous benefits. At LGT trade, we take pride in offering top-quality Hereford cattle, backed by reliable breeders and meticulous quality assurance. In this article, we will explore the appeal of Hereford cattle, the advantages of purchasing them from LGT trade, and the diverse options available to meet farmers’ specific needs.

Hereford Cattle: A Brief Overview:

Originating from Herefordshire in England, Hereford cattle have gained global popularity for their distinct red and white coloring, hardiness, and remarkable ability to adapt to various climates. Their docile temperament and excellent foraging skills make them a breeze to handle and manage, while their resistance to diseases reduces health risks and ensures profitability. Hereford cattle possess exceptional growth rates and feed conversion efficiency, resulting in high-quality beef that is tender, juicy, and flavorful.

Advantages of Buying Hereford Cattle at LGT trade:

Choosing Hereford cattle from LGT trade brings numerous benefits to farmers. These exceptional animals offer superior maternal abilities, ensuring healthy offspring for breeding programs and maximizing genetic potential. Farmers can rely on LGT trade’s selection of Hereford cattle to enhance meat production efficiency and improve genetics for long-term success.

Quality Assurance: Breeding Excellence and Certifications:

At LGT trade, we understand the importance of reliable breeders and their impact on the overall quality of cattle. We partner with breeders who have a proven track record of adhering to breed standards and using reputable genetics. Our Hereford cattle undergo thorough quality assurance measures, including vaccinations, proper nutrition, and attentive care, to ensure their health and well-being. Additionally, we prioritize certifications and breed standards associated with Hereford cattle, providing customers with added assurance of the breed’s authenticity and quality.

Available Options: Meeting Every Farmer’s Needs:

LGT trade offers a comprehensive range of Hereford cattle options to cater to diverse farming requirements. Whether farmers are looking for calves, heifers, or bulls, we have a wide selection available. The choice of animals with various ages, sizes, and genetic traits enables farmers to align their purchases with specific breeding objectives and market demands. With LGT trade, every farmer can find the perfect Hereford cattle to suit their unique operations.


According to the American Hereford Association, Hereford cattle ranked third in U.S. beef breed registrations in 2020, indicating their sustained popularity among farmers. The breed’s continued success is attributed to its adaptability, excellent beef quality, and superior maternal traits.

 Hereford Cattle Pricing and Sales at LGT Trading: A Comprehensive Guide for Buyers

When it comes to purchasing Hereford cattle, LGT Trading is the trusted source for farmers looking to invest in top-quality livestock. In this article, we will provide valuable insights into the pricing and sales process at LGT Trading, including information on price ranges, promotions, and the availability of registered Hereford cattle.

We will also guide potential buyers on how to purchase these desirable animals, find trusted breeders, and highlight the breed characteristics, health considerations, and suitability of Hereford cattle.

Pricing and Sales at LGT Trading:

At LGT Trading, prices for Hereford cattle vary depending on factors such as age, gender, pedigree, and genetic traits. As of [date], the price range for Hereford cattle at LGT Trading starts at [lowest price] and can go up to [highest price]. The specific pricing details can be obtained directly by contacting LGT Trading.

Promotions and Discounts:

LGT Trading occasionally offers promotions and discounts, especially for bulk buyers. These special offers can provide cost-saving opportunities for farmers interested in expanding their Hereford cattle herd. Bulk buyers are encouraged to contact LGT Trading to inquire about any ongoing promotions or potential discounts available.

Availability of Registered Hereford Cattle:

LGT Trading recognizes the importance of registered Hereford cattle for farmers seeking reliable pedigrees and genetic information. We offer a selection of registered Hereford cattle, ensuring that buyers can access animals with documented lineage and breed characteristics. These registered cattle provide a solid foundation for breeding programs and the enhancement of desired traits.

Buying Process:

Purchasing Hereford cattle from LGT Trading is a straightforward process. Potential buyers can easily contact us via phone or email to discuss their specific requirements. Our knowledgeable team will guide them through the available options, answer any questions, and provide all necessary information to facilitate the purchase. We are committed to assisting farmers in finding the perfect Hereford cattle for their operations.

Finding Trusted Breeders or Online Marketplaces:

To purchase Hereford cattle and ensure a reliable source, potential buyers can explore trusted breeders or reputable online marketplaces. Researching breeders’ backgrounds, visiting their facilities, and examining their reputation within the industry are essential steps. Additionally, online platforms can provide opportunities to connect with reputable breeders who meet high standards of animal care and genetics. LGT Trading is proud to be a reliable source for Hereford cattle, offering a diverse selection and maintaining a commitment to quality assurance.

Breed Characteristics and Suitability:

Hereford cattle are renowned for their desirable traits, making them a popular choice for farmers around the world. Their adaptability allows them to thrive in diverse climates and geographical regions. Additionally, Hereford cattle have a docile temperament, making them easy to handle and manage. Their exceptional foraging abilities reduce feeding costs, and their nutritional requirements are relatively low compared to other breeds. These traits make Hereford cattle well-suited for both extensive and intensive farming systems.

Health and Genetic Considerations:

At LGT Trading, we prioritize the health and genetic soundness of our Hereford cattle. Before purchasing, buyers can expect thorough health checks and vaccinations to ensure the animals’ well-being. Genetic considerations can also be addressed, with the option to perform genetic testing for specific traits or disease resistance. While Hereford cattle are generally robust and resistant to various diseases, it is essential for buyers to stay informed about any breed-specific health concerns and implement appropriate management practices.


LGT Trading offers a comprehensive selection of Hereford cattle with pricing options that cater to different budgets. The availability of registered Hereford cattle ensures buyers can access animals with documented pedigrees and genetic traits. The straightforward buying process and the guidance provided by LGT Trading make it easy for farmers to acquire these desirable animals.

Hereford cattle’s exceptional breed characteristics, adaptability, docile temperament, and nutritional efficiency make them a reliable choice for various farming systems. With a focus on health and genetics, LGT Trading guarantees that buyers receive healthy and genetically sound Hereford cattle for their livestock operations.



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