Dried 100% Organic Great Northern Beans for Sale in Bulk

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Great Northern Beans

Wholesale Organic Great Northern Beans in bulk:

    You can buy wholesale organic Great Northern beans in bulk online at LGT Trading. We are top quality suppliers of Great Northern Beans at wholesale prices and fast delivery.

 Great Northern Beans is a variety of White beans that is indigenous to North America. They belong to the family of legumes and are linked to both navy beans and cannellini beans. Great Northern beans have a creamy texture and an oval form. They are a healthy source of protein, fiber, and other nutrients and have a mild, nutty flavor.

Great Northern beans are farmed throughout North America and Europe. They are a well-liked bean in America, and soups, stews, and salads frequently feature them. 

Great Northern Beans have a silky, melt-in-your-mouth texture and a mild flavor. They are a white bean that is somewhat smaller in size than Cannellini but otherwise quite similar. The beans’ relatively neutral flavor makes them perfect for a variety of delectable meals.


Where Can I Buy Great Northern Beans Online?


 LGT Trading offers you a wide variety of 100% Organic Great Northern Beans for sale farmed organically with non-GMO seeds. We work with a wide list of suppliers of high quality Great Northern Beans ranging from America to Canada and also Europe. We have access to producers and suppliers of large quantity Great Northern Beans.


Great Northern Beans Wholesale Suppliers


Given that we have a very broad network of producers and suppliers of Great Northern Beans, we are able to source from large scale producers who offer Great Northern Beans in bulk and at Wholesale Prices.

Our producers and suppliers have stock of organic great northern beans all year round and can guarantee steady supply and on time deliveries of your bulk organic great northern beans.


How to Order Great Northern Beans in Bulk on LGT Trading


We have a broad list of leading producers and suppliers of organic great northern beans who can supply large quantities of Great Northern Beans.

We have made it transparent, safe and easy to order on LGT Trading’s platform and we take control of the whole process to ensure that customers get what they deserve in time and in a professional manner.

Placing your order on our platform is straight forward and is explained below;


Step 1: Fill in your quotation information on the form on our website by clicking on the “Request for Quotation” button.


When filling the quotation form, kindly make sure to provide the information below so that our sales agent will be able to understand your request and give you the best assistance:


– Product Needed

– Quantity Needed

– Preferred terms of cooperation


Step 2: Placing your order

Our sales agent will provide you with the current best price that we can offer for your required product and also provide you with information of our preferred terms.

If both the client and our sales agent agree on price and terms of cooperation, the transaction can then proceed to the next step.

We also provide samples but the buyer must handle the cost of delivery of the sample to their location.

Step 3: Invoicing and contract signing

Within 24 hours of the client and our sales agent agreeing, our sales agent will prepare a contract and/or pro forma invoice. Only five working days are allowed for the invoice to be valid before prices and terms may change without prior notification.

Step 4: Full documents and Shipping

After the required first deposit has been confirmed by cashiers to have been credited, our sales agent will then prepare the official commercial invoice which will be included alongside all shipping documents and mailed to the client and that is also after the Bill of Lading has been confirmed by the freight forwarder.


Why Buy Organic Great Northern Beans from LGT Trading?


Over the past years, LGT Trading has been able to build a solid network of trusted and reliable producers and suppliers of 100% Bulk Great Northern Beans who have stock available all year round to buyers at wholesale prices.

We have been able to create a very safe and reliable platform on which buyers of bulk great northern beans can buy the best quality great northern beans sourced from the best producers in an easy step by step process. We guarantee 100% safety when buying from us as we oversee the whole process of purchasing organic great northern beans on our platform.


Packaging and Shipping

 When you buy bulk great northern beans on LGT Trading, we do packaging in most cases according to the demands of the customer but we do have standard packaging in PP bags and PP woven bags of 25Kg, 50Kg and 100Kg.

We also offer the following beans in bulk order;

We work with the most reliable shipping agents who ensure that all shipments are delivered in the specified time and our shipping agencies are responsible when handling shipments to ensure that they are delivered in the exact same state in which they are shipped out. We only work with the best to ensure that we deliver you, our customer the very best experience.


If you want to buy bulk great northern beans at wholesale prices, do not hesitate to contact us or fill the quotation form on our website and submit your order and one of our agents will get back to you soonest with assistance.


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