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Olive oil is a liquid lipid that is obtained from the olive tree’s fruit. One of the oldest and most widely used oils in the world, it has been utilized for its culinary, cosmetic, and therapeutic benefits for many years.


Extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil, olive oil, and pomace olive oil are the four main varieties of olive oil. The most flavorful and finest quality olive oil is extra virgin. Although virgin olive oil is still of great quality, its flavor profile is slightly different. Olive oil is a less premium oil that has undergone refinement to get rid of some contaminants. The residual olive pulp from the initial pressing is used to make macerated olive oil, which is the lowest grade oil.


Characteristics and Applications of Olive Oil


Smoke Point: The temperature at which olive oil starts to smoke and degrade is known as its “smoke point.” Refined olive oil has a smoke point of about 460 degrees Fahrenheit compared to extra virgin olive oil’s low smoke point of about 375 degrees. This indicates that while refined olive oil can be used for higher-heat cooking, extra virgin olive oil is preferable for cooking at moderate temperatures.


Nutritional value: Monounsaturated fat, a form of fatty acid that is regarded as healthful, is a good source of olive oil. Low cholesterol levels and a lower risk of heart disease can both be achieved with monounsaturated fat. of addition, vitamin E, an antioxidant that can help shield the body from harm from free radicals, is a good source of olive oil.


The following are olive oil’s recognized health advantages;


  •        Lower risk of heart disease: Research has revealed that regular olive oil consumers have a lower chance of developing heart disease.
  •        Lower risk of heart disease: Research has revealed that regular olive oil consumers have a lower chance of developing heart disease.
  •        Lower risk of stroke: Research has also revealed that olive oil lowers the risk of stroke.
  •        Olive oil may help lower the chance of developing some cancers, including breast cancer and colon cancer, according to some research.
  •        Better skin health: Vitamin E, a crucial essential for skin health, is found in abundance in olive oil. The skin can benefit from vitamin E’s ability to shield it from pollutants and sun damage.


Buying Bulk Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin Olive Oil and Refined Olive Oil on LGT Trading


Buying your bulk Olive Oil of any kind from LGT Trading is by far amongst the easiest and straight forward processes of purchasing olive oil from well trusted and renowned suppliers and produces of this edible oil which has great value not online in the international cuisine but also in the pharmaceutical and other production industries.


LGT Trading will be responsible for handling the process of procurement of premium quality olive oil sourced from only the best suppliers from; Spain, Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Morocco and other parts of the world.


We guarantee you top notch services as we have in place a competent staff that is very much ready to handle any orders of Olive Oil. We definitely can satisfy your order quantities since we source from several different producers and suppliers.


We have also put in place advance and modern trading techniques and technologies to ensure that placing your orders on our platform is completely safe and convenient for all clients.


Storage and Shelf Life


Olive oil needs to be kept in a cold, dark location. To avoid oxidation, it’s crucial to keep the bottle well closed.


If stored properly, Olive Oil has a very long shelf life of up to 24 months and more. It starts losing its qualities after 24 months and should be used as soon as possible.


Packaging and Shipping


Packaging often generally depends on the needs of the client but we often ship olive oil in barrels or PP containers of 10lt, 20lt and 50lt. The sunflower oil comes well sealed to prevent any forms of spillage.


Our shipping agents ensure that your delivery is properly handled and that it gets to its destination address in the exact same state in which it was shipped out.


Contact us now by filling in the quotation request form on our website or the quotation button and one of our assistants will get to you soonest with answers and solutions to your inquiry.


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