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Flint Corn Details

A species of maize known as flint corn has a hard exterior and a soft, starchy endosperm. Its hard, glass-like look gave rise to its name. Flint Corn is a kind of Dent Corn, however Flint Corn contains more hard endosperm and less soft endosperm than dent corn does.

A versatile crop, Flint Corn can be used for a number of things, such as:

  • Food: Flint Corn can be used to make a range of foods, including hominy, grits, cornmeal, and corn flour.
  • Flint Corn is a key ingredient in animal feed, which is used to feed fish, poultry, and animals.
  • Decor: Flint Corn is frequently used as décor, particularly in the fall.
  • Crafts: A range of crafts, including jewelry, baskets, and ornaments, can be made with Flint Corn.

Flint Corn is a native crop to North America, and native Americans have long grown it. Flint Corn may be produced in a variety of climates and is a drought-tolerant crop.

The advantages of flint corn include the following:

  • High yield: Flint Corn has a high grain yield per acre, making it a high-yielding crop.
  • Drought tolerance: Flint Corn can tolerate periods of dry weather and is comparatively drought resilient.
  • Versatility: Flint Corn can be used as food, fodder, and decorations, among other things.

Overall, Flint Corn is a valuable crop that may be utilized for a number of different things. It offers many advantages, but there are some drawbacks as well.

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LGT Trading has within the years been able to create a vast and trustworthy network of suppliers of Bulk Flint Corn sourced from the best farms in Ohio, Texas and several other parts of USA.

LGT Trading will be responsible for facilitating the buying process of the Flint Corn and will also be in charge to make sure that the operations are carried out safely and smoothly between suppliers and buyers.

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Flint Corn should be kept in a cool, dry location. A temperature range of 35 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit is excellent for preserving dent corn. Flint corn should be preserved by being kept in a moisture-proof container.

Shelf Life

If properly stored, flint corn has a shelf life of around one year. Flint Corn can be kept for longer by being kept in a cold, dry location.

Packaging and Shipping

We offer our Bulk supply of Flint Corn in a range of package sizes to meet your specific needs:

– 25 kg-bags

– 50 kilogram bags

We also package based on your choice of packaging


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