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The outermost layer of rice, or Oryza sativa, is used to extract Rice Bran Oil using the cold pressing method. Only the extraction method makes it distinct from the rice bran oil used for cooking. Asia, particularly China and India, is still the region that produces the most rice worldwide, and it is thought that rice originated in Asia. It is a member of the Poaceae family of plants. The majority of people use rice as a staple food, but in Asian nations, it is also well known for its beauty benefits. The benefits of rice and its various forms for beauty and self-care are gradually becoming known throughout the world.


For sensitive skin types, our refined Rice bran oil is the best option because it is a mild oil that is readily absorbed. Oryzanol, an antioxidant and free radical ‘buster’ said to be more potent than Vitamin E, is abundant in it.


All skin types can use rice bran oil due to its gentle nature. Despite being helpful on its own, it is primarily added to skin care and cosmetic goods including creams, lotions/body lotions, anti-ageing oils, anti-acne gels, body scrubs, face washes, lip balm, facial wipes, hair care products, etc.


Properties of Rice Bran Oil


Due to its high 232°C (450°F) smoke point, rice bran oil can be utilized for high-heat cooking without smoking or burning. This makes it a suitable option for stir-fries, deep-frying, and other high-heat cooking processes.

The taste of rice bran oil is moderate and nutty. It is a versatile oil that may be used in many savory and sweet dishes.


A wonderful source of healthful fats is rice bran oil. It has a low saturated fat content and is high in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat. These fats can lower the risk of heart disease and are crucial for heart health.


Vitamin E is also abundant in rice bran oil. Antioxidant vitamin E can help shield the body from harm caused by free radicals. Heart disease, cancer, and arthritis are just a few of the chronic illnesses that free radicals have been associated to.


Uses of Rice Bran Oil


  • Cooking: Rice bran oil has a high smoke point of 232°C (450°F), making it a good option for cooking. This indicates that it may be heated to a high temperature for cooking without burning or smoking. It works well for stir-fries, deep-frying, and other high-heat cooking techniques.


Rice bran oil is a fantastic option for salad dressings because of its mild, nutty flavor. It can be combined with other oils, like olive oil or avocado oil, or used on its own.

  • Baking: To increase moisture and flavor, rice bran oil can be used in baking. For cakes, muffins, and other baked items, it is a good option.


  • Skin care: Vitamin E, an antioxidant that can help shield the skin from sun and pollution damage, can be found in rice bran oil, which is a good source of rice bran. It can either be used directly on the skin or in skin care products like lotions and creams.


  • Hair Care: Rice bran oil can be used for hair care to hydrate the scalp and hair. It can be used as a leave-in conditioner or as a pre-shampoo treatment for the hair.


100% Natural Rice Bran Oil Wholesale Suppliers


On our platform, you can buy a huge variety of cold pressed oils one very important of which is rice bran oil. Not limited to that only, we also have other cold pressed oils like; Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Soybean Oil, e.t.c. (note that some of our oils are not listed here so kindly contact us for inquiry or check our product catalogue.


Our cold pressed bulk Rice Bran Oil is made without any added emulgators, stabilizers or other chemicals. Our manufacturers gently press the oil seeds without agitation or abrasion. This highly decreases the quantity of bitter substances and other components that are not needed in the rice bran oil.


Where to Buy Rice Bran Oil in Bulk


LGT Trading is a platform where manufacturers, wholesalers, buyers and suppliers of Rice Bran Oil in bulk with  other different kinds of organic edible oils both refined and unrefined can connect and trade safely and hassle free.


Our company facilitates the buying and delivery procedure to ensure that our platform remains a transparent and safe place to do business. We have a well trained staff who work with modern days advanced and more efficient strategies and technologies to ensure that every transaction carried out on our platform is completely safe, transparent and satisfactory to both the supplier and the buyer.


We have a huge network of Edible Oils manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world and so our platform can guarantee to meet your bulk orders of edible cooking oils.


Our manufacturers and suppliers network always have available the following kinds of edible cooking oils both refined and unrefined;


  • –           Refined and Unrefined Mustard Oil
  • –           Refined and Unrefined Sunflower Oil
  • –           Refined and Unrefined Olive Oil
  • –           Refined and Unrefined Flaxseed Oil
  • –           Refined and Unrefined Groundnut Oil
  • –           Refined and Unrefined Rice Bran Oil
  • –           Refined and Unrefined Palm Oil
  • –           Refined and Unrefined Sesame Oil
  • –           Refined and Unrefined Edible Almond Oil
  • –           Refined and Unrefined Cashew Nut Oil
  • –           Refined and Unrefined Canola Oil


Do not hesitate to get your order rolling by filling in the “Request for Quotation” button on our website and one of our team members will get to you shortly for assistance with your purchase.


Storage and Shelf life of Rice Bran Oil


Organic Rice Bran Oil should be stored at all times in cool, dark places. It must always remain kept in an airtight container. Do not refrigerate rice bran oil as it can cause the oil solidify.


Rice Bran Oil generally has a shelf life of 24 months but can still be used after that, just not for too long after that period. Once opened, make sure to use within a maximum of 6 months.


Packaging and Shipping


When it comes to the delivery of our products, we provide a variety of packing choices. Along with bulk containers for repackaging or as a food or cosmetic ingredient, we provide private label bottling and capsule alternatives. Your orders can be packaged as pellets or containers in tripaks, jerry cans, bottles, capsule bottles, and jerry cans. On request, additional carefully chosen packing choices could be offered. We are suppliers of bulk flaxseed oil and provide a selection of products to meet your requirements, such as: 5lt, 10lt, 20lt, 50lt, 100lt containers.



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