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Edible Almond Oil

Edible Almond Oil Information


Almond Oil The shelled almond kernel (Prunus amygdalus dulcis) is used to make almond oil. It includes essential fatty acids (EFAs), minerals, protein, and vitamins, including vitamin E. Oleic Acid (Omega 9), a monounsaturated fatty acid, is particularly abundant in it.

Cold-pressed Organic Almond Oil is a great complement to skincare products because it contains a lot of vitamin E. One of the most practical, beneficial, and widely used oils is this one. It works well as an active emollient on all skin types and is renowned for its capacity to soften, calm, and recondition the skin.


Benefits and Applications of Organic Almond Oil


  • Heart health: Almond oil has a lot of monounsaturated fat, which is thought to be good for the heart. Low cholesterol levels and a lower risk of heart disease can both be achieved with monounsaturated fat.


  • Skin care: Almond oil is an excellent source of vitamin E, an antioxidant that can help shield the skin from sun and pollution damage. Vitamin E can also aid in maintaining skin moisture.
  • Hair Care: can be used to hydrate the hair and scalp for healthy hair. Additionally, it can aid in reducing dandruff and hair loss.
  • Digestive health: By promoting the production of bile, almond oil can aid to enhance digestion. In the stomach, bile is a chemical that aids in the breakdown of fats.


  • Weight reduction: By reducing hunger and enhancing feelings of fullness, almond oil can aid in weight loss.


  • Anti-inflammatory qualities: The anti-inflammatory qualities of almond oil can aid in reducing bodily inflammation. Numerous chronic diseases, including arthritis, cancer, and heart disease, are associated with inflammation.




It is possible to utilize almond oil for a number of uses because it is a versatile oil. It can be applied to the skin or hair, used in cooking, or as a moisturizer. Most people can safely take almond oil. It’s crucial to remember that some people may experience an adverse reaction to almond oil.


It’s crucial to consult your doctor before including almond oil into your diet. Make sure that almond oil is okay for you to take because it may interfere with some drugs.


Buy 100% Organic Almond Oil at Wholesale Price on LGT Trading


LGT Trading is a platform where manufacturers, wholesalers, buyers and suppliers of several different kinds of organic edible oils both refined and unrefined can connect and trade safely and hassle free.

Our company facilitates the buying and delivery procedure to ensure that our platform remains a transparent and safe place to do business. We have a well trained staff who work with modern days advanced and more efficient strategies and technologies to ensure that every transaction carried out on our platform is completely safe, transparent and satisfactory to both the supplier and the buyer.

We have a huge network of Edible Oils manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world and so our platform can guarantee to meet your bulk orders of edible cooking oils.

Our manufacturers and suppliers network always have available the following kinds of edible cooking oils both refined and unrefined;

  •        Refined and Unrefined Mustard Oil
  •        Refined and Unrefined Sunflower Oil
  •        Refined and Unrefined Olive Oil
  •        Refined and Unrefined Flaxseed Oil
  •        Refined and Unrefined Groundnut Oil
  •        Refined and Unrefined Rice Bran Oil
  •        Refined and Unrefined Palm Oil
  •        Refined and Unrefined Sesame Oil
  •        Refined and Unrefined Edible Almond Oil
  •        Refined and Unrefined Cashew Nut Oil
  •        Refined and Unrefined Canola Oil

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Storage and Shelf Life


Almond oil needs to be kept in a cold, dark location. To avoid oxidation, it’s crucial to keep the bottle well closed.


If stored properly, Almond Oil has a very long shelf life of up to 24 months and more. It starts losing its qualities after 24 months and should be used as soon as possible.


Packaging and Shipping


Packaging often generally depends on the needs of the client but we often ship almond oil in barrels or PP containers of 10lt, 20lt and 50lt. The almond oil comes well sealed to prevent any forms of spillage.


Our shipping agents ensure that your delivery is properly handled and that it gets to its destination address in the exact same state in which it was shipped out.


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