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Where to Buy Premium Quality Oats at Wholesale Prices


Over the past years, traders and bulk buyers of oats have often faced issues when they buy oats especially online because of two particular reasons; the quality of the oats that are delivered to them is not usually 100% what they ordered and also, so have fallen prey to malicious people on the internet who claim to be legit sellers. 


In order to solve this problem, LGT Trading has been able to create a secure platform with a broad list of well trusted producers and suppliers of 100% Organic Oats of excellent quality. We have been able to make it very easy and safe to Buy Premium Quality Oats at Wholesale Prices.


This can be done via our platform in very simple easy to understand steps and we facilitate the buying process to ensure that our platform remains safe and transparent to do business on.


Can I Buy Oats Online in Bulk?


Yes, it is 100% possible to Buy Oats Online in Bulk because we have been able to put together a vast range of producers and suppliers of high-quality oats that can be purchased online on our platform.


Our high quality Oats are sourced from the best and trusted sources all over the world and we offer you this one time opportunity to connect and buy directly from reliable suppliers of excellent quality oats in bulk.


Who Can Purchase Oats Online


We have premium quality oats for sale in bulk and at excellent prices and anyone ranging from wholesale buyers to retailers to manufacturers of cereal products and other categories of buyers can now Purchase Oats Online at LGT Trading.


Our platform is safe, secure and easy to use and we link you directly to premium suppliers and producers of this great quality Oats.


How to Procure Best Quality Oats Online


You can now Procure Best Quality Oats Online in an easy and straightforward step by step process as explained below;


1.     Fill in the Request for Quotation form on our website and make sure to include your email and also optionally, you can inform us what quantity of Oats you want to buy.

2.     Once you submit your quotation request on our website, one of our sales agent will get to you usually within an hour, but a maximum of 3 hours during working hours. Our sales agent will present to you the different categories of Oats which we have in stock and also the prices of each category. You will also be presented with our payment terms and conditions and how we work in general.

3.     If our terms and conditions are okay with you and you are willing to proceed, you will then confirm for our sales agent to draw up a purchase contract and send to you which you must read, understand, confirm and then sign and send back to our sales agent.

4.     Once our sales agent receives a signed contract from you, an invoice will then be prepared for you to meet up to the first demands of the contract so that your order can be packaged and prepared for shipping.

5.     Once your package has been packaged and prepared for shipping, all shipping documents including bill of lading or waybill will be posted to your address just before the shipment leaves to enable the ease of declaring the goods upon arrival at the port.

6.     Once shipment has been confirmed and dispatched, all other terms of the contract should then be met as agreed while awaiting arrival of your shipment.


Send us your quotation now and we will grant you access to bulk organic Oats producers and suppliers who are very well experienced and well trusted in the industry to supply you with the best Oats at all times.


Whole Grain Oats Information


A type of cereal grain grown in temperate climates is oats. They are an excellent source of vitamins, protein, and fiber. Beta-glucans, a form of soluble fiber that has been found to offer a number of health benefits, are another component of oats that are a healthy source.


Oats are mainly grown in North America and Europe and has served as a great cereal for over centuries due to their high content of fibre and other nutritive compounds.


They can be used to make baked goods, bread, muesli, and granola and are most frequently rolled or crushed. They can also be eaten as oatmeal (porridge).


Oats used in quick, or instant, oatmeal are thinly rolled or chopped, allowing them to absorb water more readily and cook more quickly.


The bran, or grain’s fiber-rich outer layer, is frequently eaten on its own as a cereal, as muesli, or in breads.


People who consume more whole grains typically have decreased risks of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and digestive issues. Blood sugar and cholesterol levels are improved by soluble fiber, like that in oats. Consuming insoluble fiber, such as that in wheat bran, aids in maintaining a healthy digestive system and preventing constipation.


What varieties of Oats are there?


Below is a list of the 4 different types of Oats explained;


§  Steel-cut oats: They are the most similar to their natural grain form and are also known as Irish or Scottish oats. They are made up of one complete oat kernel that has been once or twice cut into smaller pieces to aid in cooking.   Making steel cut oats might take anything from 15 to 60 minutes. Steel cut oats have a chewy, nutty feel and are packed with nutrients.

§  Rolled Oats: “Old fashioned” oats are another name for rolled oats. Whole oats are toasted, hulled, steamed, and then flattened with enormous rollers to produce rolled oats. Rolled oats are typically used to make granola and muesli. It takes 15 to 20 minutes to cook rolled oats.

§  Quick Cooking Oats: Compared to rolled oats, quick cooking oats have been sliced before being steamed and flattened. This speeds up the cooking process. They work well in baked items like muffins and quick breads.

§  Instant Oats: These are the instant noodles that are typically included in flavor-added packages with salt and sugar. The oats are sliced, pre-cooked, dried, steamed, and flattened to create quick oats. Instant oats cook so quickly because of the various procedures involved in their production. However, the majority of the nourishment in the oats has been lost during the numerous processing procedures.


Health Benefits of Oats


Oats have a wide range of health advantages. Several of the main advantages include;


·      Lower cholesterol levels: It has been demonstrated that the beta-glucans in oats lower cholesterol levels by interacting with bile acids in the gastrointestinal tract. This may aid in reducing levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) and raising levels of HDL (good cholesterol).

·      Improved blood sugar regulation: Oats can aid in improving blood sugar regulation in diabetics. This is due to the fact that the fiber in oats slows down the bloodstream’s absorption of glucose.

·      Immune system booster: The beta-glucans in oats can aid in immune system boosting. This is due to the fact that beta-glucans are strong antioxidants that can aid in preventing cell damage.

·      Reduced Risk of Cancer: Oats have been demonstrated to lower the chance of developing various cancers, including colon cancer. This is due to the fiber in oats’ ability to aid in the body’s removal of pollutants that can harm DNA and cause cancer.

·      Better heart health: Magnesium, which is essential for heart health and is present in oats, is a good source of energy. Magnesium aids in controlling heartbeat and blood pressure.

·      Reduced Inflammation: Oats are a strong source of antioxidants, which can aid in the reduction of inflammation. Numerous chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer, and arthritis, are at risk due to inflammation.

·      Weight loss: Because oats are strong in fiber, eating them might make you feel satiated and full. This can aid in calorie restriction and weight loss.


Applications / Uses of Oats


Numerous applications exist for oats. Among the most popular applications for oats are:


·      Oatmeal: Oats are cooked in milk or water to make this common morning staple.

·      Oat bran: Made from the outer layer of oats, oat bran is a high-fiber food. It may be included in yogurt, cereal, or other dishes.

·      Oat flour: Oat flour is produced by finely powdering oats. Pancakes, muffins, and other baked items can all be made using it.

·      Oat milk: Oats are used to make this plant-based milk. It is a wonderful source of fiber and may be added to a range of foods, including smoothies, coffee, and breakfast cereal.

·      Oat Groats: The whole oat kernels are known as oat groats. They can be prepared in the same way as rice or used to other foods to make granola or porridge.


Shelf Life of Oats and How to Store them


Pick a place that is cool and dry. Temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal for oats. Warm, humid environments shouldn’t be used to store it because they can promote the growth of mold.


Take use of an airtight container. Thanks to this, both moisture and insects will be kept out. Use a plastic container, glass jar, or Mylar bag.

Label the container. This allows you to keep track of how long the oats have been kept in storage.


Packaging and shipping for Oats


We have our own basic packaging options available, while we frequently choose to package 100% Organic Oats according to the demands of the customer. The 100% organic oats are packaged as follows in PP bags and PP woven bags:


  •        10Kg Woven PP/PP Bags 
  •        25Kg PP/PP Woven bags
  •        50Kg PP/PP Woven bags
  •        100Kg Woven PP/PP bags

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