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Canola Oil

Canola Oil Description


Cold pressing is the procedure used to obtain canola oil from Brassica napus seeds. It is a member of the plant kingdom’s Brassicaceae family and is indigenous to Canada.


A group of Canadian scientists genetically manipulated rapeseed and removed undesirable components like euric acid to create the Canola flowers, reason why it is frequently referred to as Rapeseed Oil. It is well recognized that canola oil has cardiac and health advantages.


All skin types can use canola oil due to its gentle nature. Despite being helpful on its own, it is primarily added to skin care and cosmetic goods including creams, lotions/body lotions, anti-ageing oils, anti-acne gels, facial wipes and hair care products.


We sell both refined and unrefined canola oil on LGT Trading.

Our organic canola oils are made without the use of any additives or preservatives.

They are mechanically deodorized to preserve the plant’s nutritional value and to make them suitable for use in cosmetics. This procedure is chemical-free.

Due to its moisturizing qualities, canola oil is frequently incorporated to skincare and haircare products.

Buying Canola Oil on LGT Trading, both Refined and Unrefined


With the help of our platform, you can purchase Canola Oil in large quantities at discount rates from reputable and well-respected producers, suppliers, importers, and exporters of refined and unrefined Canola Oil.

The best canola oil is available from our producers and suppliers; it is unadulterated and devoid of any additives, chemicals, or filters. They don’t have any synthetic preservatives, colors, or scents. We only use cold-pressed, refined or unrefined canola oil. They are deodorized mechanically, without the use of any chemicals. The oils maintain their nutritional value as a result.

In Canada, India, Europe, and other regions of the world, LGT Trading has direct business relationships with a wide range of top suppliers of organic canola oil.


Uses and Applications of Canola Oil


Skin Care Products: Canola Oil can be used in making Skin care products like lotions, creams, moisturizers and others to increase the hydrating properties in these products.


It is particularly utilized when creating items that promote or support graceful aging.


Additionally, it can be utilized to create face wipes, lotions, and gels for oily and acne-prone skin.


You can combine it with your everyday sunscreen to boost effectiveness and add an additional layer of protection to the skin.


  • Products for hair care: Canola oil offers several advantages for hair, including the ability to stop dullness and color loss. It can also lessen split ends and keep hair from becoming brittle.

To encourage the growth of stronger and thicker hair, it is added to hair care products such conditioner, shampoos, hair oils, and gels.

Each and every hair strand is covered, and it penetrates deeply into the scalp. It is particularly included in hair repair and split end-reduction products.


  • Treatment for infections: Canola oil is an anti-inflammatory oil that eases skin irritation and hypersensitivity. It can relieve skin irritation, which is why it is used to treat dry skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis.


It won’t affect the skin and will stop the dryness and excessive roughness that arise from such conditions. Vitamin E helps the skin’s natural barrier against infections by forming a protective layer on top of the skin.


Storage of Organic Canola Oil


For optimum shelf life and freshness, canola oil should be kept in a cool, dark location. Bring to room temperature before using if refrigerated.


Packaging and Shipping


Packaging often generally depends on the needs of the client but we often ship canola oil in barrels or PP containers of 10lt, 20lt and 50lt. The sunflower oil comes well sealed to prevent any forms of spillage.

 Our shipping agents ensure that your delivery is properly handled and that it gets to its destination address in the exact same state in which it was shipped out.

 Contact us now by filling in the quotation request form on our website or the quotation button and one of our assistants will get to you soonest with answers and solutions to your inquiry.


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