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LGT Trading is the market leader in importing and exporting agricultural products. With over years of experience and a global client base, you can be confident that LGT has the knowledge and skills to handle any order. LGT Trading (Pty) LTD believes in going above and beyond to assist our clients.

Our platform is a one-stop shop for global sourcing and delivery. Whether you want to expand your product lines, find new suppliers, or connect with new businesses, LGT provides everything you need: Countries such as: China, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Japan, Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

We have thousands of potential exporters and importers available online 24/7 waiting to do business with you right now. Over 50,000 products from all over the world listed.

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As a premier provider of high-quality agricultural products, LGT B2B Trading now provides a variety of goods for businesses around the world.
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LGT B2B Trading's global reach allows businesses from different parts of the world to access a diverse range of agricultural products.
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Global agricultural product supplier, serving customers & distributors throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa & Middle East.

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LGT Trading specializes in importing and exporting a wide variety of products, including sisal fiber, lentils, rabbit hides, donkey hides/skin, cashew nuts, macadamia nuts, black pepper and seaweed. We also carry peanuts, white pepper and white corn; red corn; robusta coffee; arabica coffee; dry red pepper; vanilla beans; sesame seeds; chickpease; soya beans; turmeric; cloves; shea nuts; olive oil soap; African fabrics and timbers.

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